Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love my new chicken watering bucket!

This is what I used to have to water my chickens with.  I didn't like it.  It was heavy & hard to hang up.  Inconvenient to refill.  Mildew would grow quickly in it.  It would often come undone just as I was hanging it, spilling the water all over the coop.  And worst off all the chickens would get their droppings in where they drink out of.  You can't leave it that way or they may get sick.  So we were having to clean it almost every day!  I especially hated that in the winter when the hose water is turned off, & I had to do it in the house!

Now I have something more like this that I bought locally.  (I've noticed since then that IFA has started carrying these as well).  The chickens peck at the red nipples & get a drink that way.  Hooray!  No more droppings getting into their water supply!  We can refill the top with a pitcher of water, so I don't have to try to rehang a heavy bucket.  This has way cut down the work on taking care of our chickens!

I also bought one of these bird bath de-icers.  It fits nicely in the bucket & keeps the water from freezing in the winter.  It runs only when the temp falls below 35, so it doesn't watse a bunch of power.  It can be submerged in the water.  With these 2 things, our chickens we so easy this winter!  Love it!

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