Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Solar oven turkey

So I decided to try turkey in my solar oven!  I'd read that putting it breast down makes the white meat more juicy so I tried that.  This is a photo of the turkey after about 4 hours.  I was surprised that it browned & crisped!
This turkey was about 8 pounds.  For some reason I was sure it would take all day.  So I didn't even check it until after 4 hours.  It was completely done.  In fact I think I probably should have checked it an hour sooner.

The turkey tasted delicious!  Just like in the oven at home. Complete success!   It made me wonder; in a survival situation....there's all these geese around.  Hhhmmm.....


  1. Wow. Did you add water to the pan or just set the turkey in the pan and let it cook?

  2. I just put the turkey in the pan. There was a lot of juices in the pan at the end. Global Sun does make a rack just for turkeys, but I didn't have mine yet.

  3. I just wanted to know what solar oven this is that works so well? Thanks Diane