Thursday, February 9, 2012

Volcano grill review
My brother recently bought one of these grills.  He liked the idea of being able to cook with wood, propane or charcoal.  But after thinking about it, he decided against storing a lot of propane.  It's expensive, & not really safe to store.  So he got a lot of charcoal.  The first thing he noticed is it didn't collapse down as easily as on the website. It was kind of frustrating.   Then he tried cooking with it.  He said it took a lot more charcoal than he thought it should, & that it cooked really slowly.  So he started to wonder...if using charcoal or wood, is this stove he paid over $100 for, really any better than a cheap grill?  So the next time he was making hamburgers; he bought a $5 grill,& cooked on them both at the same time to compare.  His result?  No difference.  If you're really wanting to use propane, this may still be a great choice for you.  But my brother is now trying to sell his.

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