Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fascinating Garden idea!!
I just spent almost 2 hours watching this film on gardening.  I am hugely interested!  If this works as he says (& looking at his garden, it sure seems to), it is not only very easy, but solves most of the things I've been worrying about in growing my own food in a collapse situation.  It takes very little work, needs very little water, keeps out weeds well, helps with bugs & supposedly makes the food taste much better!  As you watch you can't doubt his sincerity.  I liked his optimism, & even the title of "back to eden".  Of course I saw this & about how you don't need to till, about 2 hours after I got my garden tilled!  *sigh*
If you don't want to watch the whole video at first, try the FAQ page, that has short video clips.  The "how to" page I printed to refer to.  I am intrigued, and am for sure going to try this!  I will report how it goes, but you may want to try it yourself now.  This could be lifesaving information, especially in a drought.
I spent last Saturday getting the woodchips/compost & taking it in wheelbarrow loads back to my garden & flower beds.  I also tried his method of newspaper underneath if you had plants you wanted to kill (like the grass in my flower beds).   Can't tell if it's going to work so far, but it looks great!  I put it all over the dirt aread in the back; half has been sifted for rocks, tilled, & has sprinklers.  The other half doesn't.  I'm going to plant a few things in both spots & compare how it goes.  I'll update as the summer goes along!  Sure hope this works!
An even shorter source of this info can be found here:  gardening God's way.  It's a PDF file someone compiled based on the video.

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  1. How funny - I watched that same film just a week ago - yep - it works - we are going to start a community garden on some church property we have and try to mirror what he did. Given that we are in extreme N. Utah, some of the crops might have to be different, but the process should still work the same. It is very similar to how I have been using my above ground container gardens for about 3 years now. My wife thinks I'm nuts cause when fall starts dropping the leaves I can't get enough of them.

    Mark -