Tuesday, October 23, 2012

storing potatoes for winter

Apparently a lot of people don't know you can store potatoes all winter long.  Every time I'm working on mine someone stops & asks me what I'm doing.  So here it is.  You need them pretty cold, but not frozen.  I live in an area with winter, & I put them in the garage.  I take them out of the bag, & pack them in sawdust in buckets.  I take them out as needed.  Around March if I have any left, I dehydrate or can (or make potato chips) out of what's left, saving a few to grow potatoes with.  They keep well all winter (although red potatoes only store for about 3 months).  One thing I had happen the first year, is when I'd open the garage, water & snow dripped in 1 of the buckets.  This did cause some of those to go bad.  They need to stay dry, so keep that in mind.  A cool basement or root cellar would work too.  So I'm off to Kohlers for 50 lbs of potatoes for $7 this week!!

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  1. That's an amazing price for potatoes.