Thursday, January 19, 2012

Solar Chocolate chip cookies in a jar

Based on the principle of canning bread in the solar oven, (see Sept post), I decided to try chocolate chip cookies as well.  I'd already cooked chocolate chip cookies in both my solar ovens (see July post).  This time I baked them in the jar.  Obviously I could have filled the jar more...I wasn't sure how much they would poof up.
They didn't slide out of the jar as easily as the french bread I did this way (Sept post).  But that may be because I didn't grease the jar well enough.  But these tasted GOOD.  As with most things I'd tried canning this way, a slight bit on the dry side.  But not enough to stop us eating them!  You could also let them warm in the sun for a while & get the chocolate chips melty again.  Even in normal times, it would be fun to have some of these already made for whenever you wanted cookies.  In a food storage situation, these would be heavenly!

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