Thursday, March 22, 2012

Putting your food storage in #10 cans at home

Have you sealed any of your food storage in #10 cans?  If not, here's some information!
One way to do it is make an appointment at an LDS cannery (you don't have to be LDS), buy bulk food there, & can it there.  It is non-profit & they have a some great basic food items.  Here's a current price list:

The other thing you can do is "check out" the can sealer for a few days & seal cans at home.  This is what I've been doing once a year.  I let family & friends know too, & they schedule a time to come seal their cans while I've got it.  The cans with a lid & oxygen pack come out to about $1 each.  The cannery can help you figure out how many cans you need for what you have, but an example is, 5-6 cans for 25 lbs of flour.  I do it at home because I can work for a few hours, stop & then do more.  I can also put in things I've bought myself out side the cannery (the cannery can't let you bring in outside food because of government health regulations).  So I can put in the chocolate I bought on clearance, or our favorite noodles, or what have you.  It also is easier to get friends & family to participate if I have the cans for them & they just have to come over to my house.  They will show you how to seal the cans when you check it out.  It's not hard, my 8 year old sealed all our cans last time, & loved doing it.
I had some friends who were just starting on their prep efforts.  In all they spend around $100 on the cans & things like flour & rice from Costco.  When they plugged what they had into Emergency Essentials food storage calculator, they were excited to find out they had 3 months worth of food!  It took them about an hour to can it all.  Now that flour & rice will keep for around 30 years, in earthquake proof cans!
I collect food on sales, etc all year, & then get the canner once a year.
A couple of tips:  sugar doesn't need oxygen packs in.  Salt doesn't have to be preserved in cans, it's a preservative itself.  And be sure & "shake" the cans after you fill it.  The food will settle in & leave you a lot more room at the top to put more in.  This is especially true of flour.
So start getting food before prices go up more & then go get some cans!!

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