Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shelving for your #10 cans

The next question after you have your #10 cans is how to store them.  I bought some supposedly heavy duty shelving to put ours on.  3 days later, we heard a loud sound that went on & on as part of the shelf broke & the cans came cascading down!  We had to haul all the cans back upstairs, build new shelves & haul them all back down again!  Frustrating after thinking all the work was done!  The next shelves started to bow outwards after a few months.  We caught it before everything fell off, but again had to haul everything upstairs, start again!
We did find one set of shelves that work (so far) at Lowes.  The vertical pieces lock into not just the shelf but the vertical pieces below it.  This must give it extra strength as I haven't had any trouble with those.  However I didn't think to anchor them to the wall for earthquakes before I filled them, so at some point I'm going to have to take everything off again!!
My brother on the other hand built some heavy duty wood shelves that are securely anchored to the wall.  He has had no trouble & they will probably be great in an earthquake too.  The materials cost was comparable to buying shelving.  If you have somewhere you don't mind permanent shelves, this would probably be the best option.  I may have to go back & do it that way myself!

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