Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dandelion Jam!
We were caught up in an odd urge to make dandelion jam the other day.  We followed the recipe on the above site.
It only took me & the 2 boys less than 10 min to pick enough.  Getting the green parts off, so I'd have just the yellow left is another matter.  That is tedious!  I was doing it by myself & it took me an hour to get the 4 cups necessary!
I was quite nervous about tasting it.  Honestly, I'm not a big vegetable lover.  But this stuff was GOOD.  It was kind of like honey, but with a bit of tart.  The word to that came to my mind is that it tasted like summer!  After the work was done & we tasted it, I thought it was worth all the work.  Probably even more so to open some of this on a cold winter day!
I love that I can make this with something that grows free all around.  Now I'm debating...I spend a lot of money every summer on weed-b-gone trying to get rid of the dandelions in the lawn.  But my rabbits love dandelions, & now we do too.  But am I quite ready to turn the lawn over to them?  I'm just not sure!
I did have one trouble with the recipe.  The jam didn't jell.  I've never had that happen before.  Looking online, it seems to be a common problem with dandelion jam.  I tried some online instructions for adding more pectin, & that didn't work either.  So I was left with tasty dandelion syrup (using recipe posted above).  I finally tried the instructions in the pectin for adding another box if it didn't set.  This worked, but it was a much smaller amount of jam than your usual recipe.  I'll try it again when I'm up to doing the dandelions again; I think I'll double the pectin in the recipe & see if that works.
For some reason I found making this to be hugely satisfying.  I'm so glad we did it & excited to share it!

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