Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Canning corn

After I'd filled my dehydrator, I still had most of the corn left.  Corn gets less tasty the longer after it's picked.  So I didn't want to wait all week to get it dehydrated one day at a time.  So I looked up corn canning instructions.  I chose a raw pack method because it was less steps.  Again, I wished I had an electric knife!  But I did get it all cut off.  I put it in the jars, added salt (1/2 tsp for pints, 1 tsp for quarts), added hot water, & processed in the pressure canner.  You can find charts online, but for my altitude I did 15 lbs pressure, 85 min for quarts & 55 min for pints.  I had 7 quart jars and 15 pints (this was 50 lbs of corn, after filling 3 dehydrators & freezing about 8 cups).  This was pretty simple & looks wonderful!  I think it will taste like summer when we eat it this winter!
I have an excellent frozen corn recipe I posted last year.  You can see it here:

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