Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dehydrating corn

I was blessed to get 50 lbs of corn on the cob free.  But what do to with it?  First of all I decided to try dehydrating it.  I shucked it, washed the silk off, & then cut it off the cobs.  The first suggestion I'd have to is to try to get an electric knife.  By the time I'd cut the corn off all 50 lbs I was blistered!  I did notice it was a bit easier to cut if I used hot water when I was washing the silk off.
I spread the kernels on the dehydrating tray & turned it on 135.  It took approximately 9 hours to dry.  I had 12 dehydrator trays filled...the dried corn filled 2 quart & 1 pint jar.  My friend & I tasted some, & it tastes really good!  I could see eating this as a snack!  (I was using sweet corn).  I'm going to mostly store it though & use it in soups, where it should rehydrate.  Stored in glass jars, this should last a really long time!  And it doesn't take up very much space!


  1. If I dont have access to fresh corn would you suggest using frozen corn to dehydrate?

  2. I haven't tried it, but I've read many places online that says you can. :)