Thursday, August 30, 2012

Solar oven corn dehydrating

 I decided to see if I can dehydrate corn from my garden in my SOS solar oven.  You'll notice the tape in the top....that's to keep the oven slightly open.  Solar ovens are excellent at holding in moisture, so you need to have a way for it to vent in order to dehydrate.  I used a black letter tray I got at the dollar store.  Black is better in solar ovens because it traps in the heat.  The Global Oven now comes with dehydrator trays if you buy during a sale (like is going on now!) but I don't have any, so I used these.  They worked great!
After probably 8 hours in the sun, I had dehydrated corn!  It probably would have gone faster if I'd paid more attention to keeping the sun directly in the oven all day.

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