Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cheap weed killer?

link for cheap weed killer
I was excited about trying this...I spend a fortune on Round Up Every year.
I sprayed a lot of vinegar on a bunch of stuff in my yard; including some grass.  There was no rain or sprinklers on for days.  5 days later; nothing.  Maybe a bit of brown on a couple spots, but so faint I wasn't even sure.  So I guess I'm back to round up!  Has anyone else tried vinegar as a weed killer?


  1. One thing I have used to eradicate weeds is boiling water. Of course it will eradicate anything else close to the hot water!

  2. Yes, and it works wonderfully. What we did was get a turkey baster syringe and then you suck up the vinegar and you inject it directly into the plant. It has killed all the dandelions and left the grass alone. Much much better than roundup.