Thursday, May 24, 2012

Survival Medicine Handbook

I just finished reading this book cover to cover.  One thing that is unique about this book over regular first aid books, is it is a book for if we are living in a collapse situation.  It doesn't just tell you how to stabilize someone until you get them to a hospital, it assumes you are the only medical care available.   That makes it much more useful in that kind of situation.  Another thing I really liked about it is it gives information about traditional medical treatments, & herbal & alternative treatments.  His contention is that you shouldn't rule out one or the other, but know both & use whatever you have.  I am often frustrated with the way dr's & herbalists sometimes claim there to be nothing of value in the other, & have been wanting something that addresses both.
There is a lot of stuff in there.  The chapters are short & concise.  I can't think of anything I am likely to encounter that wasn't covered here.
He also has a lot of emphasis on prevention.  For example safety glass when chopping wood, as trying to fix eye damage is not going to be easily done in a collapse situation.  He also has a great method for stockpiling antibiotics, & instructions of when to use them.  It covers everything from burns, childbirth, gall bladder attack, to ticks.  I made a list in the back of things to buy after reading this book.  It also made me realize the importance of getting as healthy as we can now...some things are just not going to be easily treatable without modern medicine.
He also has a list of youtube videos you can watch (now, not after a collapse) to learn some of the things talked about, as well as reference books he suggests you buy to keep.  The author is a Dr, his wife is a nurse, they are both herbalists as well.  One nice thing about this book is the "Doom & Bloom" title & philosophy.  It's an attitude that you can "bloom" in hard situations, & is more optimistic & upbeat.
There were a few things I wish had more info.  For instance it says dandelion tea for something, & I have no idea how to make that, so now I have to find another resource with that in it.  However, the book is already 400 pages, so I can understand not being able to put everything in.
I'm very pleased with the book & think it would be a great thing for everyone to have.  Now I just need to start working my way through those youtube vidoes, & buying my list of additional supplies!  While I won't remember everything I read of course, I'm hoping in an emergency enough will stick with me to help, at least enough until I can look things up in this book!

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