Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Raising funds for a roof!

We just found out we're in need of an entirely new roof!  We had savings for just such an occurrence, but unfortunately those funds have been used up fighting frivolous legal actions the ex has been harassing us with.  We have some family who are willing to help with the labor, but still have to buy supplies.  I HATE asking for help!  Especially when I had planned for things like this!  But I'm afraid we are going to need some help, especially since we have another hearing to pay for today!
So we are having a fund raising yard sale on May 26, 8-12 pm, at 348 West 1560 North Lehi. Anyone who'd like to donate items to sell, come shopping at the garage sale, we'd be so grateful!  
There's also a donate paypal button above if you feel you could donate.  Or through paypal email address yulebean@gmail.com.  
Thanks everyone!

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  1. We care about you, a lot, Michele. We'll share this on all our FB sites as well as some blogs. We really hope that you are able to get the needed funds quickly!
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