Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Medical care during emergencies & collapses! CD review

I just finished going through this CD I picked up at a prep fair.  I played it on my computer & it was about an hour & 15 min.  It is audio with slides.  The first half I was a bit bored.  For instance I didn't need 10 min to convince me I needed to learn some medical skills, that was why I bought it!  (although they had some good stats)  It was pretty basic at first.  So I was still bored for a while.  For instance I already know elderberry is on the list that can help with illness, & since there was no info on how to use it, I didn't need to hear that again.  But as it went, it got better & better.  It had some interesting emergency dental info, including specific products to buy.  Tools needed for extractions were shown, although no instruction of how to do so was given.  Then it got into different kinds of injuries, 3 degrees of burns, different kinds of broken bones, & how to treat them all.  Hypothermia & heat stroke are on here too.  As are specific product recommendations for your first aid kit (I've got a big list to buy now!).  I thought how to tell when to stitch a wound & when not to was great info.  And I'd never heard of surgical staples instead of stitches!  As it got to more specific info I wasn't familiar with I really enjoyed it, making notes as I went along.  One thing I especially liked about this is it was from the perspective of if getting to a hospital isn't possible at all.  Such as in a major disaster when hospitals are overwhelmed, or you can't travel.  Or longer term scenarios.  So the point of view was entirely taking care of things yourself, rather than emergency stop gaps until you get to a Dr.
The man is a Dr, & his wife is a nurse.  I liked that they included traditional medical items, as well as natural & herbal ones.  I learned some cool things about honey in wounds.  And their idea of how to stockpile medicines (especially a cheap, legal way to get antibiotics) was worth the cost of the CD all by itself!
Here is where you can buy the CD.  They have a book out now I plan to order & will review after I go through it.  And they have some videos free on youtube under DrBonespodcast.  Their website also has many free articles.

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