Tuesday, May 15, 2012

food storage instead of a wedding ring?

Here's an interesting article about a couple who chose to buy food storage instead of an engagement ring.  Sounds extreme!  But then again...you can't eat gold or diamonds.  Worth reading!

I've made some similar choices in my life.  My dream since I was about 8 years old was to go to Egypt.  At one point I had the money saved to go.  But I had no food storage.  I made the hard decision to buy food storage instead.  And now it looks like I'll never get to go to Egypt!  But I can take care of my family!
Another consideration when I bought that food storage was having room to store it.  We lived in VERY tiny married student housing.  It was easy to justify & say we didn't have room.  But I decided it would be better to give up the couch than food storage...you can't eat the couch!  So we crammed it in every corner & space.  I've never yet had to live off my food storage, but I still think it's been worth it!

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