Friday, November 11, 2011

Ask for preparedness for Christmas

My family often had a hard time deciding what to get me for Christmas.  But now I can ask for preparedness items.  This is a great way to help you get prepared too, especially for those more expensive things you can't get with coupons.  You could ask everyone to donate towards a solar oven or radio, give you gift certificates to food storage places, contribute to your 72 hour kit, things like that!  It will be a great present because it will add to your peace of mind, & they'll probably be glad for the suggestion!
You could also join in with other family to buy bigger preparedness items together for someone.  Give mom & dad a solar oven!  Can them some food!  Even if they aren't super excited at first (we all have relatives like that), the day will come when they'll be grateful for it!  I did a bunch of #10 cans for my father a couple years ago.  His wife wasn't real excited about it; she didn't like all the room it took up.  Now she going down & looks at all that food they have, & is so grateful to have it.

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