Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cool Ties

I'm a big fan of cool ties when I'm hiking in the desert.  They are kind of neck kercheifs, that have water gems inside.  These soak up water, which gradually evaporates on the back of your neck.  They really help keep you cool.   I was thinking the other day how fabulous they would be if we ever didn't have cooling in the summer; especially for working in a hot garden.  I decided I wanted to get us several each, so one could be soaking while one was being used.  But they are kind of pricey to buy new.

  Luckily, I found this website on making your own.
Now I am not someone who knows how to sew.  But even I can sew the straight line required for these.
We tried making some & they were a snap!

I looked around a bit for what to use inside.  I bought all 3 of these.  It turns out the bit "water gems" & the smaller pack of "water gems" (the last 2 pics), are exactly the same.  One is just already hydrated, & one isn't.  The large container cost about $5 at the craft store.  But then I found the "decorative accent" ones (first picture) at the Dollar Tree.  Awesome!  I made ties out of both, & couldn't tell a difference in the way they functioned.  I bought cheap cotton fabric in the $1 fabric section at Walmart.  Doing that, you can make these for less than $1 each.  How cool is that!
Not only am I making these for us, but they are a great prep gift for Christmas or anything else!


  1. Would you please explain how long the gems strip needs to be, size of fabric, how to sew? Thanks.

  2. Rather than repeat it all, I put the link to the site I learned it from. Here it is again: