Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preparedness for Christmas!

Sometimes it's hard to think of gifts we can afford, & that will have meaning.  I'm trying to do gifts that will help my family get prepared this year, even if it's only in a small way.  So here's some ideas of preparedness gifts you could consider this Christmas!

A jar of anything you've canned, jam, chicken, etc.

A certificate to teach a preparedness skill you've learned.  Making bread, making silver, canning chicken (this might be fun with a jar of canned chicken), etc.  Skills & knowledge are invaluable!

A grouping of preparedness items from Dollar Tree
   (posts on that

Anything you have extra you've gotten free or really cheap with coupons.  Such as razors, toothpaste, bandaids, etc.  Make a grouping, come up with a cute saying, or put it in a little box with some other preparedness info.

Start them a survival library!  Print off blogs you think are good, the free Dr book I posted in October, things like that.  Information they can save for when needed.

Keep an eye out all year for deals, & buy extra for people for Christmas.  When I found hand crank flashlights for $2, I bought extras for gifts.  Same with pocket knives, little lights, etc.

Download some preparedness radio & burn onto CD's for them to listen to.

A sampler pack (or just 1 item) of some of your favorite preparedness products.  A small thing of shelf stable milk or whipping cream,  lemon juice powder, anything you really love.

I'd love to hear anyone else's ideas in the comments!  Meanwhile, here's a few more:

  • Magnesium Fire Starter - $6.95
  • Fire Sticks - $1.95
  • Fire Lighters - $2.95
  • Waterproof/Windproof Matches - $2.95
  • Hotties - .95 to $1.25
  • Emergency Blanket - $1.25
  • Emergency Poncho - .75
  • Deluxe Poncho - $2.95
  • Endurance Headlamp - $4.95
  • Flashlight - $7.99
  • Emergency Tent - $3.95
  • 13-Function Knife - $1.99
  • Multifunction Tool - $4.95
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle - $1.50
  • 1st Aid Kit - $5.95
  • Basic 72 Hour Kit - $9.50

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