Friday, November 18, 2011

Eggnog or Pumpkin hot chocolate mix

I wanted some holiday themed hot chocolate mixes.  Neighbor gifts maybe?  I used the hot chocolate mix recipe from my last post & tried some holiday flavors.  I made 1/3 a batch in case we didn't like it.
First I tried the nestle powdered creamer that was peppermint mocha.  We couldn't really tell there was peppermint in there.  You get a lot more from a drop of peppermint oil or a candy cane.

Next I tried this powdered eggnog mix.

I used it in place of regular creamer in the recipe.  The carton was almost exactly the right size for 1/3 of the recipe.  The verdict?  I didn't LOVE it.  It was good.  I've had eggnog hot chocolate made with very rich eggnog, & expensive chocolate.  You know the kind of drink you almost have to chew?  So I think that's more what I was hoping for.  It's pretty sweet.  Don't get me wrong, it's good & I think if I weren't expecting something else I would have liked it more.  But I was a bit disappointed.  On the other hand, my son loved it!

We also had this Stephens Pumpkin Spice mix.

(this is much cheaper at the grocery store, I just put it here so you could see it).  While we liked this drink, we usually picked hot chocolate.  Then I noticed on the back that it said it could be used as a creamer.  Ah ha!  It was yummy & we really liked it!  I think I might add a bit more next time; but I like my flavors strong.  I was expecting my son to like this one a lot, he loves pumpkin muffins.  But he thought it was just "ok".

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