Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Canning bread in jars with solar ovens

The idea here, is when you get a sunny day, can some breads or muffins in jars.  These will keep up to 3 months, & give you something to eat on days you can't use your solar oven.  There's a great PDF with this info (& lots more) at
She even talks about how to substitute gelatin for the eggs in recipes, for those who are worried about eggs in a slow cooking method like solar ovens.  So about a month ago, every time I made bread or muffins, I threw some in a jar too.  I'll start posting the different ones I tried & how they turned out.
I did have 2 come unsealed after a few weeks while storing them.  One was a reusable lid & one was a regular lid.  I'm not sure why.  But maybe keep an eye on them.
This was pretty easy to do.  After they're cooked, clean the rims, put a canning lid on immediately, & bring it inside.  It will seal as it cools.

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