Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2

Post emergency phone numbers next to each phone. Remember not only the police and fire departments, hospital, doctors, and poison control - but also the schools, out of state contact, friends, family, and your own phone numbers. A babysitter may need to call your cell phone, or a child may forget phone numbers during an emergency. Be sure to include your street address on this list. If a friend or babysitter has to call for help from your home they will need to be able to tell rescuers the address. In case of an emergency you may even forget your own phone number and address - it is not at all unusual.


  1. Ha, like ANYONE can remember phone numbers these days - it's not even attempted! Just program it in! :) Fun blog Michelle, I have enjoyed hearing about your bunnies. Maybe some day ... We just processed some chickens though and that was tough enough!

  2. I'll finish up the rabbit posts next week! My first time butchering! Yipes!