Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great pears for canning

If you're in Utah, Alpine food storage has pears you can order for canning.  I got some last year & they were amazing!  Here's an order form:
And here's the info they sent:

Many of you are anxious to know if we're getting those amazing Bartlett Pears we got from Oregon last year!
We are!  But we are trying to be patient and hold out for the BEST ones!
Here is the information:
These pears are coming from Medford, Oregon--they are the ones that the Church Cannery has sorted out as 'too big' for their canners.  We got them last year and they are so delicious!
They are harvesting right now, but the pears that stay on the tree the longest will have the best flavor.  We're holding out for those!
They come in 40-44 lb boxes for $23.
For delivery to groups in outlying areas, please contact us.
We need a preliminary count by September 19.  Then we will finalize all orders by September 22.
We will likely bring pears in that weekend. September 23/24.  Fresh produce is time sensitive.  Please plan on picking up promptly once we've emailed out that these have arrived.

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