Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5

For Family Home Evening Play “What If”:
What if you were not at home when_____________________ happened? (Fill in the blank with the emergency most likely to occur in your area). Ask each family member, including the adults what they would do.
  • What if you were at a friend’s home?
  • What if you were at work?
  • What if you were at school?
  • What if you were shopping?
  • What if you were home but mom and dad weren't?
This will give you the opportunity to make sure everyone in your family knows who to call, or—in the case of adults and teens - where your meeting place will be.
Fill out emergency cards for each family member to keep in their wallet and/or school back pack. These should include home phone number, cell phones, home address, nearby friend or relative, and an out of state contact. Remember everyone should have the same out of state contact and phone them immediately after a disaster strikes. That person can then relay messages to the rest of the family as they check in.

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