Friday, October 14, 2011

Antelope Sloppy Joes in Solar Oven

So I have all this ground antelope canned.  What to do with it now...I decided to try sloppy joes!
It's amazing as you start cooking in the solar oven, how many questions you start having.  This time cooking answered several of those for me.

Since this meat is already cooked, I was wondering if I could still cook it all day in the solar oven without it being over cooked.  The good news is yes!  It worked great!  If you have no electricity to brown the meat, having it already cooked & canned is going to be something you're grateful for.

The second thing, was usually when you brown the meat, you saute the onions as well.  I decided to just throw the raw onions in with the meat & sauce, & see if they cooked.  They did!  I could tell no difference in the taste.

This is also a recipe I make "to taste".  But I didn't really want to taste it while I was mixing it with the cold meat. So I just did my best.  Got it pretty close.  I was able to add a bit more sugar after it was hot, & that worked just fine.  I was glad to know I could still adjust the taste a bit after cooking it all day.

I also made it one day, & then realized we wouldn't be home for dinner that night.  So I put it in the fridge in the pot with the lid on (the pot that comes with the solar oven).  Turns out that's a great way to store it!  It still tasted fresh when I cooked it the next day.  And when I wanted to reheat the leftovers, I just moved the pan from the fridge to the solar oven.  Easy!!

For those wondering about the taste of ground antelope vs beef...we can't tell a difference.  If you didn't know, you'd have no idea.  It does seem to take a bit more seasonings or sauce with antelope to get the same potency of flavor of the beef.  But that's easy to do.  The only thing I'd change is I'd make my homemade hamburger buns instead of buying them (see post recipe in July).  The store bought ones were way less yummy & cost WAY more.
Here's a sort of recipe in case you want to try ours.  It's great on beef too.  Just do this to taste.  If you want it more sweet, add more sugar, more zing add more vinegar.

Ground meat
chopped onions
lots of ketchup
about 2 handfuls of brown sugar
several shakes of dry mustard, or 1 squirt mustard
splash of vinegar
salt & pepper
splash of worcestershire

Mess around until you get it to taste how you like it.  Yum!

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