Friday, October 7, 2011

I went to the self reliance expo!
I wish I'd had time to stay & take a bunch of the cool looking classes.  That would have been awesome!  But I was tied up most of the day at a hearing with my ex!
We had a great time seeing all the booths.  The Appleseed Project had pellet gun shooting for kids there.  My son loved it.  There was a wide variety of booths.  Tons of food storage samples.  Lots of water filters.  Some great water storage tanks I hadn't seen, including underground ones.  Intriguing!  And lots of booths on solar power.  I did buy a couple things I hadn't seen before, & will review them on here.  If you are in the area, we had fun & thought it was worth the time.  Even more so if you can take some of the free classes!


  1. I went to the Expo too. I love events centered around preparedness. I did a blog post about it as well and it's at the top of my blog in the tab section. I think we should all wear name tags at things like this so we could meet all the bloggers and websites that we follow and read.

  2. Good idea! Would have loved to meet you!