Monday, October 3, 2011

RADkids & RADwomens self defense

I'd also like to mention 2 outstanding safety/self defense programs.
The first is RADkids.  It is for children ages 5-12.  The kids are taught all aspects of safety, from fire, bullying, abuse & strangers.  It fixes the flaws in the usual "stranger danger" approach.  Everything is taught, & then practiced in drills.  This gets much better retention in the children's heads.  They are also taught self defense skills they can use to defend themselves.  Children all over the country have used these skills to fight off would be abuctors. These techniques are specifically designed for children to use, easily & effectively.  And the class is very good at helping prevent abuse from people the children know as well.
The last day of class a policeman in a padded suit comes for them to practice their skills on.  This is so empowering for the children!  After the class the kids know how to keep themselves safe, rather than you standing over them all the time.  And since it's a nation wide program, they can return & retake the class free anywhere in the nation until their 13th birthday.  Before this training, only about 10% of children will react physically to protect themselves.  After, about 90% will.  Pretty amazing for 10 hours of training!  I truly believe this is an inspired program.  I was so impressed I saved for months so I could pay for the training & equipment to teach this class to homeschoolers, & other kids who didn't have access to it.  Interestingly, the Utah director got his training & brought the program here just a few weeks before Elizabeth Smart was abducted.  He said that when he went to the Smart house after she was taken, the other children were still answering the door without knowing who was there.  After their training, they stopped doing that.  Elizabeth Smart & her father are both strong proponents of the RADkids program.  It is possible that with this training, her & her sister might have reacted differently in their bedroom & it may have been a different story.  Our first usual reaction is shock, & we loose vaulable time.
Their website is  You can maybe get the program put in your child's school, or find a private class.  If you're in Utah, email me I can help you get a class.

RADwomens is the same thing, except for women.  You also learn physical skills & get to practice on the man in the padded suit on the last day.  Even if you carry a gun, this is a must take class for all women.  Their website is  Hopefully you can find a class near you.  If you're in Utah I know the Lehi Legacy center has them at least once a year.

I have opportunities for my son & I to do all sorts of wonderful classes & activities.  These two are at the TOP of my list.  I wouldn't wait a day longer than necessary to take these classes.

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