Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Canning the antelope

That is 108 jars of canned antelope!
Most of it I rawpacked.  We had all but one antelope processed into ground meat.  Well worth the cost!  I had 1 antelope I had to cut up myself, & did in chunks.  It took me an hour to cut it up & trim the fat!
I tried making chili with some of it, & my son LOVED it.  That gave me the idea, why not make some chili & sloppy joes & can that?  That way I don't have to worry about having the ingredients, & I have some ready made meals!  So I did.  8 batches of sloppy joes & 6 batches of chili later, I was wondering if I was insane.  That was a LOT more work than just rawpacking the meat!  So I settled for that much & did the rest the easy way.  Hopefully I'll be glad I made some into meals later; right now I'm just exhausted!  Even with 2 canners, it took a long time!  But how awesome is it to have that jars of meat in my storage?!  That's meat for a meal every 3 days for a year!  And since it's just my son & I, I figure I can get 2 meals from each can when put with something else (ie buns for sloppy joes).  My son said to tell everyone to try dipping my french bread recipe (see post in Sept) in antelope chili.  He was a fan!

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