Monday, October 24, 2011

Price going up on SOS solar oven

The SOS solar oven is raising prices, & shipping prices on Nov 1.  So if you've been considering an oven, now may be the time!  Until then, you can still get one shipped to your home for $190.  I have the SOS & the Global Sun.  While I'm glad to have them both, I use the SOS most of the time.  Email me at or call 801-400-4597.  I have to have orders by noon on Halloween.

PRICE INCLUDES oven w/reflectors, two black enamel pots (3.5 qt.), a WAPI (water pasteurization indicator), built-in thermometer, instruction manual, recipe book and shipping!
  • Reaches temp. up to 350 degrees
  • Holds two pots of food
  • Engineered 3M plastic lid has 1” air-gap for better heat retention
  • R 6.5 Insulation in housing
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Even works great without reflectors!
  • Broad base gives better stability 

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