Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Start a survival library

Last winter we had a night the power went off.  We started wondering things like "how long can we leave the stuff in our freezer if we don't open it".  Several times we started to go to the computer to look it up, only to realize we couldn't look it up with no power!  That's why I'm keeping a survival library.  It includes books I've bought & notes I've made at classes.  And it includes a lot of info I've printed online.  Every time I read info I think I might want, I hint "print", & then put the pages on a shelf.  I hope to someday really organize all those pages into binders.  But I'd rather have that info where I can always get it, than wait until I have time to organize. So keep that in mind!  Print instructions from blogs.  Grab a good edible herb book if you see it.  There's lots of practical knowledge out there we don't know.  We may not have time to learn it all right now, but we can start storing it!

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