Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An adventure for our bunnies

We would let the bunnies out of their cages if we were in the backyard so they could get some exercise.  Either mom & the babies, or the daddy rabbit.  Once they were a bit older we'd have to separate them by genders & then only let them out in groups.  One day my son forgot to put them back in when they kids decided to go play at a neighbors house.  Oops!  There was a big storm that night.  Neither of us had any idea the rabbits were out. In the morning, I went to the basement to get something.  Imagine my surprise, when in the window well, I saw baby bunnies!  I dragged my son out of bed to climb down & get them, worrying all the time, thinking about the storm.  They had all survived & seemed totally fine.  Whew!  Although they had eaten all the leaves off the pepper plants in the garden during their free evening.

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