Friday, August 5, 2011

A wheelbarrow full of stuff, plus the wheelbarrow!

Here's is an example of our preparedness garage sale hunting today.  The most expensive thing was the wheelbarrow at $5.  The next was the box of fireworks (purely for fun!) at $4.  All together though, this cost around $20.  I got a bunch of clothes, including a snow suit for my son, & a church suit for him at a clothing exchange.  We got 20 canning jars for $1!  We got brand new lotions, & herb seed packets for $1 total.  And for fun we got a huge box of scrapbook paper (if you have a crafty child you'll know what a treasure that is!), 2 Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books, a board game, a snow tube, & my son bought himself some...unusual indian head bookends.  We spent a bit over an hour.  At regular prices, just the wheel barrow, or just the canning jars would have cost $20!  The suit by itself would have cost more than $20!  A great return on our time!  I had added a wheel barrow to my mental list last week, & there one was!

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