Wednesday, August 10, 2011

medicinal silver

I've been really trying to research things I can do to help if there is no Dr.  I met Wendie, who is a nurse who manages the ICU.  She's been researching for years to find out what really works.  She strongly recommends Ionized Silver.  (sometimes called colloidal silver, but they're actually different).  They use it in the ICU.  It's also put in the eyes of newborns.
Ok a tiny bit of history.  The term "born with a silver spoon in their mouth" comes from using silver.  Those with means would have their babies suck on silver pacifiers or silver spoons, because of the medicinal qualities.  Unfortunately, if silver is taken with too big of particles; you can get "argyria", which is silver skin.  Thus the term "blue bloods".  This doesn't actually hurt you, but is permanent.  So you'll see lots of warnings online about how it's unsafe to use silver, or you'll get this.  First of all, to do that you would have to take a LOT of silver.  But some people have done it. Second, if it's ionized, it can't happen.
A bit more history:  silver was used a lot before we had antibiotics.  Pioneers put silver coins in their milk bottles to help it stay fresh.  Phoenicians stored wine in silver bottles to help it stay fresh.  Aristocrats who ate on silver plates were protected from the Bubonic Plague.

You can use silver in tons of ways.  One friend says it makes the best deodorant she's ever had.  You can put it on wounds.  You can take it internally to help with illnesses.  You can purify water with it.  It's very useful stuff!  There are also real scientific studies that show it's strong effectiveness on such bugs as salmonella, staph, canadida, & others.  You can clean with it.  It's also safe for your animals if they get sick.

We've had some personal experience with silver now.  My step-mother had 2 spots taken off her arm by the Dr.  She put silver salve on one, & not the other.  The one with silver healed much faster.  I know a dentist who was having a lot of trouble getting people's root canals to heal quickly...people have become so resistant to antibiotics.  He now rinses his root canals with silver & hasn't had any more trouble.  I cut most of the bottom skin off my toe, quite deeply, in some really nasty, green scummy water.  We put silver in, wrapped it, & I hiked out.  The toe resealed on the hike & I was prepared for a nasty infection.  That water was DIRTY!  But I was able to hike the next day, never got an infection, & 2 weeks later you couldn't tell I'd been cut.  My son & I take silver if we think we're starting to get sick.  It's really easy!  Now these are just stories, but there is research to back up silver.  And it is allowed to be sold.  That's the easiest way to get it.  The brand Wendie recommends buying is ASAP.  I had the liquid & the salve.  Next though I'll post how to make it yourself.  Much much cheaper!  But you might want to buy some to experiment with, & see how it works for you before buying the stuff to make it.
If you're interested in Wendie's powerpoint about silver, email me at & I'll send it to you.

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