Monday, August 22, 2011

Meat rabbits- arguing with myself

One day out of the blue, someone mentioned that someone they know raises rabbits for meat.  What a chain reaction that set off!  "Really?!" I thought.  Hhhmmm. " I wonder how that works."   "But I don't want to go that far!  I'll forget about that". But it kept weighing on my mind.  I'd think about it a bit, & then dismiss it.  Up the thought would pop again a day or two later!  I'd research it a bit, & then try to forget about it.  No such luck!  "But I have canned chicken" I thought.  "But eventually that would run out", my brain replied.   I started learning amazing things about rabbits. Rabbit meat is just about the most nutritious meat there is.  hhhhmmmm.  One rabbit female can produce over 300 pounds of meat a year.  HHHHMMMMMMM.   You can feed your rabbits weeds & they give you fertilizer.   You don't have to age the droppings like other animals.  Dang!  You can use their pelts for a variety of purposes.  You could make things to help keep warm in the winter or for trade.   In the depression people fed their rabbits on grass clippings.  They're low maintenance & quiet.  Don't take up much space.  They're meal sized so you can butcher as needed if there's no way to preserve meat.  Rabbits produce 6 lbs of meat on the same amount of feed & water as it takes for a cow to produce 1 lb of meat.  Wow.  If I'm really interested in self sufficiency, that's hard to argue with!  An almost free, easy, endless supply of meat!
But what does it taste like?  I talked to a few people who raise rabbits.  They all claimed if it's cooked correctly, you can't tell it's not chicken.  So there goes that objection.
Now here comes my biggest objection.  I don't have a husband to butcher the rabbits for me! Clearly that's a man's job!  I just don't want to butcher rabbits!  I'm off the hook because a woman shouldn't have to butcher! (nevermind that many women for centuries would go butcher a chicken or rabbit from the yard for dinner).

I kept thinking, I bought a book on raising meat rabbits.  After about 6 months I picked up a hutch I saw a good deal on.  My mind crept closer & closer to acceptance of this idea.  Pretty much a slow, reluctant drag, with my protests getting weaker & weaker.
I mention this because people when they hear I have meat rabbits, look at me as though I'm blood thirsty or that I WANT to kill bunnies.  Not at all.  But the more I learned about it, the more of a no brainer having rabbits became.  And I reasoned that I could sell the bunnies until I REALLY needed the meat.
The next post will tell about the next step in our rabbit adventures!

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  1. Very cool article... I too have wondered a lot about raising meat rabbits... thanks