Saturday, August 6, 2011

A favorite food storage source!
One of my favorite food storage sources has a brand new website!  I'm fortunate to live about 10 min from here, but they do ship all over the US.  They find great prices on stuff, & know a lot about how to use everything.  I've found some of my favorite items here, like shelf stable milk, shelf stable whipping cream, powder to make lemon juice, coconut oil, canned seeds, & tons of other things!  It's well worth getting on their email list.  One late winter she had end of winter apples for making applesauce for $.14 lb!  The pears I got there last fall were amazing!  I also got onions & potatoes to store all winter.  She's working on green beans to buy to can right now.  They also have a selection of gluten free food storage items.  Check it out!

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