Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheap way to stock up, case lot sales

If you have a Macey's near you, they have a caselot sale this week.  If you don't, keep watching your ads.  Most stores have a caselot sale in the fall, & Smith's reportedly has the best prices.  There's a few things so cheap, that even if you only have a few dollars to spend, you can go get something, & that sure feels good!  Here's a few things I noticed from the Macey's ad:
Top Ramen $.10!  Case of 24 for $2.40.  Ok not the tastiest stuff, but you could live on it!  At least go get one of these!
Western Family Mac & Cheese, $.35 each.  That's a cheap meal!
Broths or Cream soups (Western Family brand) for $.50 each. .
Spagettios, Canned green beans, corn, beans, diced tomatoes, $.50 each.
Betty Crocker cornbread $.25 package (makes 6 muffins, tasty & great for your solar oven)
Salt $.33 (you can't produce salt yourself, & you literally can't live without salt.  Get some!)
Italian dressing mix or Ranch $.33 each (great for flavoring meats & soups.  Name brand's cost over $1 each now)
The canning jars are on sale, but are still cheaper at Walmart.  Walmart will also price match anything they carry, so won't work on Western Family brand, but will on any name brand items.
Macey's also has a large food storage section.  A lot of the long term storage is on sale this week as well.  The big blue 55 gallon water storage barrels are $34.

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  1. I'm being told that Walmart will price match store brands for Walmart brand. So if Walmarts "Great Value" brand has the same size item as a "Western Family" or other store brand, they should price match it. I haven't tried this myself though.