Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shelf stable milk at Dollar Tree

I was excited to find these at Dollar Tree today!  The cheapest I'd found the quarts of shelf stable milk were $1.50.  So I bought all 25 they had at this price.  It expires in about a year, but I've used these at least a year past the expiration & they tasted fine.  You want to chill them before drinking or putting on cereal, but they require no refrigeration to keep them good.  I love having these for if we run out on a weekend, or when we're sick, we can just throw some in the fridge.
I've also never found the small size half & half before.  I've been able to get quarts a few times from Alpine Food storage, but the half & half is getting hard even for them to get in.  If you have a Dollar Tree near you, go check it out!

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