Monday, August 15, 2011

Making the silver

This sounds more complicated at first then it is.  First hook your four 9V batteries together, & attach alligator clips.  (Don't leave the batteries hooked together when you're done, they could eventually explode).

Then you need to suspend your silver over the water.  You want 2 bars of silver.  I think chopsticks would work better than the craft sticks.  I have the sticks attached with rubber bands.  You don't want the silver touching each other or the glass sides.  Put about 2 cups of distilled water in there.  Attach the alligator clips from the batteries to the silver bars.
Then you just wait.  If you have a full 36 V, it takes about a half an hour to get enough silver into the water.  You're shooting for 10 ppm silver in your solution.  This is a good, safe, effective dose.  The important thing to remember, is silver is only half as conductive as the NaCi which is what your TDS meter is calibrated with.  In simple terms, that means double the number on your TDS meter.  When it says "5", you have 10 ppm of silver.  You also need to add any number you had in your water before you started.  If your water read zero before you started, you need to get it to 5.  But if you had a reading of "2" (remember, it must be under 5 or your water isn't pure enough), you need to add 2 to the 5 you're shooting for, & stop when it gets to 7.  Did that make any sense?!
After a while you'll be able to tell that it's working.  The silver might start to turn black (you can wash this off later), & little wisps will float up.  It's hard to see, but here's a picture.  If nothing happens after about 15 min, & your TDS meter isn't showing any increase in number, you may need to adjust your alligator clips to get the current going.

Once it's done, store it in a dark container in a cool place.  I put mine in a canning jar with black plastic around it.  You can store it for quite a while, but I make it as needed, & then make more when that runs out. You won't be able to tell that any silver has even been used until you make it a LOT.   I mix this with the pulp from my Aloe Vera plant to put on wounds.  It looks & tastes like water, which is why you need the TDS monitor to know how much silver is in there.
The best way to take it internally is in your mouth.  Hold it in your mouth 30 seconds to 3 min.  It's best absorbed through the mucosa.  You can swallow it after.  Wendie doesn't recommend taking this all the time as a dietary supplement.  She recommends taking it as you feel you're getting sick, & for 3 days after you get well.  For an adult she says about 2 tsp, 2 times a day.
Email me & I'll send you her powerpoint.  She has lots of excellent information on there, & all the info on how to figure dosing for children.  And an emergency dosing for serious illnesses.
And feel free to ask me any questions or if something isn't clear!  Once you get it & try it, it's easy!

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