Friday, August 12, 2011

Making your own silver-what you need

First of all, this is do at your own risk. My friend Wendie taught this to me. She's the manager of the ICU, has a 10 book series at Deseret Book, & every time I talk to her I am SUPER impressed with her knowledge. It's amazing. She really researches everything, & knows her stuff!  She also had tons of research to back it up.  So to me, I was totally willing to trust her, rather than redo all that research myself. But if you're not comfortable with that, go look into it!  I will not be held responsible for your results with this.
If you'd like her powerpoint, with dosing info & studies about silver, email me at & I'll send it to you.
You'll need a few things to make silver.  You'll need pure silver, pure water, and energy.
First the silver.  It has to be .9999.  .999 is NOT good enough.  I got mine here:

This will be enough silver to make yourself silver solution probably for life.  But if you're going to do this, buy your silver NOW.  The price has been going up, & will probably keep doing so.  I just read a post from a man who said the silver coins at a gun show sold out in 5 min, & that pawn shops are only buying silver, not selling it.  Buy your silver.

Next you need a TDS monitor.

This is important.  You need it to make sure you have pure enough water to start with.  If there is stuff in your water, the silver may bond to it & that's when it might get unsafe.  You also need this so you can tell when there's been enough silver put into your water for safe doses.

You also need distilled water.  It's an interesting test to use your TDS monitor & check different waters.  Your tap water is not clean enough (mine read 174 today).  Bottled water is not.  Water from your filter or purifier is not.  You need a reading on your monitor of under 5.  Rain & snow water are usually clean enough.  As is distilled water.  I've been buying distilled water.  But my goal is to be able to make it when there's no grocery store.  So I also bought a solar distiller.

You can also make a sun distiller pretty easily.  Look for instructions online.

Then you need energy.  You'll need some alligator clips, & 9V batteries.  Ideally you'll want 36 V going into the silver.  So four 9V batteries.  I bought rechargable ones that I can recharge with my solar battery.  If this is the only medicine I have someday I want to be able to make it.  But I've been making it for right now with regular 9V batteries.

Another useful, but not necessary item is a multi meter.  This will help you know how much "juice" is left in your batteries, so you know if you have 36V.  Sometimes Harbor Freight has a newspaper coupon to get one of these free with any purchase.

If you're at all interested in making this as a salve too, I'd recommend an Aloe Vera plant.  You can mix the silver with the pulp of the plant to put on wounds.

Ok next post will have the instructions!

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