Monday, August 1, 2011

Cookie baking in 2 solar ovens

Global Sun oven
SOS oven

Cookies from both ovens
Today I tried chocolate chip cookies in both solar ovens to compare them.
The first thing I noticed is the Global heated up much faster.  It was almost to 100 by the time I'd adjusted the back leg.  The SOS hadn't even shown a temperature rise.  But by the time I had the dough made, the SOS was just over 300, & the Global was near 350.  This recipe I bake in my home oven at 375, so I was interested to see how they did at lower temps.
I baked the cookies in the Global for about 15 min (in my oven inside I cook these 9 min).  They weren't brown on the top, but they were cooked all the way through & tasted delicious.  I baked them in the SOS for about 20 min.  I think they could have used 3-5 more min.  But they were delicious too.  As far as taste, I could not tell a difference between the two.  I think the ones in the Global were a bit less flat.  Both ended up somewhat crispy on the outside after they cooled, just like my oven baked ones, even though they didn't show any brown.  And taste wise, they were just as good as the ones baked inside.  So most of the difference is the speed of baking.   So I would still say, if you're only getting 1 oven, get the SOS.  It's cheaper & fits much more inside.  See my post "solar ovens rock" for info on where to get one.
I also tried some in a glass jar.  The idea being you can put the lid on, & it will seal & keep for several months.  This gives you baked goods to eat on cloudy days.  I will open it in a few weeks & post on how that turned out.
Now I'm going to go eat some cookies!

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