Monday, July 18, 2011

Barbecue Beef sandwiches in the solar oven

This was super easy & cheap. I bought roast on sale (any beef roast would work). I threw it in my solar oven all day, with some barbecue sauce poured on the top. The meat was frozen when I put it in, so I wasn't sure if it would cook well. It worked great! In 5 hours it was super tender & moist. I'm confident I could have left it in longer without it burning though. I'd bought the barbecue sauce on sale with a coupon, so it cost about $.25 for the bottle. Since there's only 2 of us, I used half a roast & half a bottle of sauce.

I also used buns I'd made in the solar oven. Super easy & tasted very good! This makes me meat go further as well & makes it even cheaper. With no electricity costs to even cook it, this was a super cheap meal. And very tasty! My son couldn't get enough! Cheap enough, & easy enough for a single mom, but as delicious a dinner as we deserve!

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