Monday, July 18, 2011

Single mother's need to prepare too!

Hi! I'm a single mother who's passionate about preparedness. I think for single moms especially, it seems overwhelming & impossible. We've got enough on our plates already right? But I think for us it's even MORE important. We have no one to help us care for our children in emergencies or other things, it's all on us. We have to be even more self reliant. I am nothing special, I don't want anyone to read this & think "wow she does more than I ever can!". What I'd like those reading to think (those who are single mothers & those who aren't), is: "Wow, if she can do all that while being single & homeschooling her son, I can too!"
I will be posting all my resources I've discovered, how to get things cheaply, & recipes for solar ovens & food storage. So come be inspired! Little steps really get you a LONG way!

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