Monday, July 18, 2011

Solar Ovens Rock!

I recently discovered solar ovens. I love the concept that I can cook year round if there's no electricity. I've started cooking with mine every day...anything I can cook in it I'm giving it a try. It's hot summer right now & I really like that I don't have to heat up my kitchen to cook. And it's free, saves me electric bill...a real plus for a single mom! But I'm even more excited to know that if there's ever no power, I can still cook! I also like that they're actually something I can afford! I'd looked at home solar power & it was about $12,000! I feel great that for less than $200 I can completely cross something off my preparedness list! Email me at if you'd like one, or more info!
In a solar oven you can:

  • Bake bread, muffins, cookies, cakes & biscuits!
  • Roasts, steak, chicken, fish, hamburger and pork!
  • Sun-baked pizza!
  • Beans, rice, potatoes, legumes, whole grains and pasta!
  • Vegetables, stews & soups!
Pasteurizes your water!
And deyhdrate fruit!
I don't know where you are, but in Utah we get 260 sunny days a year. These work in any temperature, as long as there's sun. Food never burns, I don't have to store tons of propane or charcoal, and the food is moist and flavorful! Some of my recipes taste better in this than they ever have in a crock pot!
I'm not big on selling things, but I have decided to sell these. Mostly because I think they're so cool & I want all my family & friends to have one! But also because as a single mom, any extra income helps, especially with mounting lawyers fees caused by a cranky ex!
There are 2 kinds. The SOS Sport and the Global. If you were only getting 1, I'd say to get the SOS, although I hope to eventually have both. Here's the comparisons:

  • Global Sun Oven
    • Reaches temp. up to 400 degrees
    • Holds one pot of food or two loaves bread
    • Perfect “baking” oven!
    • Glass lid, self-leveling platter inside, and tilt-leg to aim oven at sun
    • Folds up w/ handle. Only 21 lbs.
    • ADVANTAGES OVER SOS: Bakes at higher temperatures. Great for one or two person family or as a “baking” oven

SOS Sport Oven
  • Reaches temp. up to 350 degrees
  • Holds two pots of food
  • Engineered 3M plastic lid has 1” air-gap for better heat retention
  • R 6.5 Insulation in housing
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Even works great without reflectors!
  • Broad base gives better stability
ADVANTAGES OVER GLOBAL: Cooks twice the amount of food and is less expensive. Great for larger families.

The prices are: SOS with reflectors, 2 black pots, water pasturization indicator, reflectors, thermometer, recipe book, instruction manual & shipping to your door is $190.

Global with reflector, 1 black pot, thermometer, water pasturization indicator and shipping is $275.

These are starting to backorder because they're getting so popular! If you'd like one email me for ordering instructions. I'll be posting & reviewing recipes as I make them.

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  1. Good news, manufacturing delays are done, & these again ship in a couple of days!