Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wow! Butter from shelf stable whipping cream!

My sister just found instructions for making butter & buttermilk from whipping cream. The instructions said to use heavy whipping cream. But I wanted to try it with my boxed shelf stable whipping cream I have in my food storage.
I poured the box (about 1 cup) into a pint jar. We took turns shaking it for about half an hour. Low & behold it turned into butter! You drain the liquid out. The instructions say this is buttermilk & you can use it in recipes. They also say it won't taste exactly like store buttermilk, although you can add some lemon juice to make it closer. But you could use it in pancakes or biscuits or something like that. Then you add some cold water, shake it some more, & then drain that out. This washes all the rest of the buttermilk out so it will keep longer. This butter was tasty & creamy; way better than from the store. You can also flavor it yourself; add herbs, garlic powder, or salt.
Then I tried it in my mixer. I just put it in & turned it on. It only took about 10 min in the mixer. I'd rather do it this way, but I'm so glad to know I can still make it if there's no electricity.
And I have to say, this may ruin me for buying least for eating on bread. This was sooo much tastier! Wow!
Some of the online instructions suggested freezing it in wax paper.
I'm going to be buying more shelf stable whipping cream next week! The cheapest I've found it is (their website is under construction but the phone number is correct). If you live in Utah it's easy to pick some up. I believe she'll ship to you as well. Amazon also carries it:

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