Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying to wax cheese

I'd seen instructions online about how to wax your cheese. The idea is, cheese is aged & kept sometimes for years anyway. If you can cover it with wax, it will keep for a long time. I love cheese, but that canned cheese for food storage is very expensive. So I gave it a try. I bought the cheese wax, & a bunch of cheese on sales with coupons. It wasn't too hard to do. I melted the wax in a in can over boiling water & brushed it on. Seemed like it worked great! But about 6 months later, lots of the wax had cracked & there was black stuff on the cheese. I was told some mold's you can cut off, but not the black stuff. Curses!
Recently I saw a more complete post about waxing cheese. She said you need to cover the cheese with vinegar & leave it out for a day to dry. So maybe not doing this is what caused mine to fail. I'm working myself up to try it again; but I hate retrying something if I don't really know what went wrong. And I did waste quite a bit of money. So now I'm trying canning cheese in canning jars instead. More on that to come.
If you're interested in trying cheese waxing; here's the best post I've seen:

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