Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pasta Roni in solar oven

We got a great deal on Pasta Roni this week, so we wanted to try that in the solar oven. I picked one purposefully that had multiple steps, to see what would happen if you did it in one step. This one said to boil for a while, & then add the milk & boil some more. We got the water hot, & then dumped everything in. The pasta cooked easily...a bit over cooked in 45 min (the reflectors were on the last 15 min). But we made a mistake in trying one we hadn't eaten before. We found the flavor a bit bland, but aren't sure if that's the flavor of that kind, or a result of the solar cooking. But it wasn't bad & you could definitely live on it! Next time I'll try one of our favorites & report back.

*if you're reading this before July 27, 2011, you can get this deal on Pasta Roni or Rice a Roni at Smith's. Buy in multiples of 10 & they're only $.56 each, without coupons! Sale runs through July 26.

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