Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review of Food storage analyzer

I've been giving the free food storage analyzer on Emergency Essentials a try. Anything free is worth trying! Overall it's pretty dang handy. You put how many of something you have, & it calculates how many days worth of food you have. I like that you can go down a whole section, adding the numbers for multiple items, & then only click "calculate" once on that section. Much faster than having to do that after each entry.
Many of my food storage items aren't on there, as I got them other places. But there's usually something pretty close to what I have, so I just put that. For instance I could choose the Emergency Essentials brand canned flour to substitute for the flour I canned myself that was the same size. The grocery store section was especially useful for that. I often didn't have the exact amount on their list (I might have a 25 oz can instead of 21), but it's close enough to estimate. It was really exciting to see the number of days get larger.
I would have liked to have found this sooner, & as I bought items; add them to this before I took it to my store room. Then I would have had a much more accurate figuring, & it would actually be an inventory for me too. As it is, I had to guess out of my memory.
The only thing that was difficult was the adding your own items. Without enough nutrition information, their program couldn't figure it correctly. The first time I tried adding my home canned chicken, it was showing me "0" days of food for 84 lbs of chicken. So I had to take time searching the internet, trying to get an estimate on the nutrition information. Next time I would probably just try to make a guess how many grocery store cans of chicken would be equivalent to my jar, & estimate that way. I understand why it needs all that info, I just don't want to spend a lot of time finding it, so would probably try to do a substitute on most things instead.
Overall it's a really handy tool, especially for free! Start stocking up, & see your number of days rise!

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