Friday, July 29, 2011

Save money on prep & everything else with Groupon
I love this site.  You can buy gift certificates for half off for almost anything imaginable.  They have a new deal every day.  Yesterday was food storage food, today is some dental work.  I buy gift cards to fun places for my son & I to go (like water slides & museums).  Once in a while I can even afford a great deal on a massage or something like that!  Sign up & get the email alerts, so you don't miss a deal you'd want.  Great way for a single mom & save money.  We've done lots of fun things because of Groupon we wouldn't have been able to do at full price.  I've also bought gift certificates on here as presents for people.  They'll have no idea you paid half price!
And, after you sign up, you can refer people with your own referral link (like mine above).  Every time someone you refer buys their first Groupon, you get $10 credit.  Get a few credits & soon you're getting your gift cards for fun stuff for free!  This has been something we've been so glad to have!
My link will probably take you to the Utah deals, since that's where I live.  But sign up, & then it will show you the deals by you!
Sometimes you can also buy deals that aren't by you.  My favorite was a half price Amazon gift card I bought from the Chicago section.

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