Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recent Awesome deals!

Here are some deals I got this week.
The 40 boxes of Pasta Roni & Rice a Roni were $.56 each at Smith's. With no coupons used! You can add your canned chicken to these to make a bigger meal. 40 meals for $20!

The bandages were all free, using $.50 off coupons at Walmart on double coupon day. I even had $.04 in overage towards my milk!

The cat litter was buy $25 worth at Petsmart, send in for a $25 Petsmart gift card. You could do it twice per household. So all that can littler was pretty much buy $50 in gift cards to spend, get the litter free!

This is also a great time of year to watch back to school sales. Office Depot, Office Max & Staples have free rewards program. There are often items like copy paper that you get 100% back in rewards on your card. Staples often has free after rebate items this time of year too. I got $.25 reams of copy paper, free scented markers, and free photo paper in the past week. That's a big help for a homeschooling mom!

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